Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Moving Story of Exceptional Civilian Conduct and Honesty!

Today's Mumbai Miiror carries a moving Cover Page News story of a Father dutifully handing over his own Son to the Cops.

His son was involved in a Car accident at Juhu, in Mumbai where he knocked down a Pregnant lady. Unlike many of today's youngsters, he did take her to Hospital. After having done so, the thought of facing prosecution was a bit too much for him and he deserted the stricken family.

Being from a poor household they were unable to foot the surgery charges quoted by the Private Hospital. The woman and her yet to be born child did not survive the ordeal of being shunted from ine Hospital to the other: both of them died.

The youth did not reveal anything to his family but his father got suspicious when he saw a photograph of the Car involved in the papers. The son too, had been behaving oddly..he had become quieter, wasn't eating much..

On his father's questioning he spilled the beans. The father then dutifully handed him over to the police, although his son was a young Engineer employed with an Infotech company and his career and life was at risk.

I admire the father. Not too many of such upright people nowadays are there?

Another thought: should the son have deserted the woman at the hospital?
Easy to sermonise. Consider that he was ridden with guilt later itself throws light on his upbringing.

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