Thursday, 29 October 2015

When A Hero Falls Down

He was a no-hoper to the brim
All odds were stacked against him
It was a hopeless race
Racing against his own fate
Guess what worked in his favour?
The crowds love underdogs!
And he was a misfit if ever there was one
Egging him on seemed a lot of fun
And then he began running
The feet got going
The crowds were cheering
That had him believing
Was I really made to win
Or is this a fancy whim?
He pulled abreast of the front row
And you should have heard the roar
He was now panting
His lungs were screaming
"Come on, Come on!" they chanted
He knew they'd feel cheated
Win he must, he knew it
And win he did, would you believe it!
As everyone stood agape
At the crowds he waved
The underdog was now the hero
And he was full of bravado
Won the next race
It happened in a trice
He had not counted on this
Then the hero lost his fizz
They rooted for the next underdog
The hero was not one of them
At the crowd he scowled
Thought that he had been fouled 
When the wins dried up
Life was worse than before
For the underdog had tasted glory
His had been a turnaround story
This loss of face
He could not take
A loser he could not now be
They looked at him with pity
What a rise, what a way to go
"There goes our fallen hero"

Thursday, 15 October 2015

How Much Does It Take To Dream?

Began by writing quotes..

Guess what, people got inspired.

I thought I was a Blogger 
Needed much more than a few thoughts

The fluency grew, a writer found his voice
Wait a minute, could I write a Book?

On my own you mean, are you serious?
All of fifty thousand words, man!

How much does it take to dream?
To own a slice of joy from tomorrow?

The excitement got the better of me
Midway, I realised that this was indeed a big deal

Was the bite more than I could chew?
Had to save face, no turning back now

Decided to keep writing and I kept writing
Shall try to make sense of it later..

Had more than seventy thousand words now
My word, that's a heck of a lot to chop off!

Somehow, I began to fall in love with my baby 
Yeah, it wasn't so difficult after all!

It always seems challenging, doesn't it?
Until you go ahead and actually do it!

Now that the tiger's tasted blood
Where's his next plot hiding?

Friday, 25 September 2015

My YoUniverse

Meditation and contemplation have led me on new paths of discovery. Reflections on self and my connect with the universe.

As I sit meditating today, I let my mind wander before I enter the deep stage of 'no thought zone' (yes, this actually happens). Keeping routine thoughts at bay is hardly a challenge anymore, it is this inquisitive, seeking mind that prods for answers from my sub-conscious. I am rarely disappointed. And so, my mind takes me on yet another journey..this time trying to evaluate what I have learnt in the past few years.

Acceptance is one attitude that has been so unburdening for me. 'Resistance versus acceptance'. Not for a minute am I talking of a meek surrender to circumstances or persons. It is a subtle shift to being an observer, of purging emotions that hold me back. This change has been of great help during my tumultuous past decade and has helped me deal with challenges more philosophically. I now have the ability to look at the larger picture.

I am here for a reason.
What's happening to me in the now has basis in the past (Karma).
Everything is as it should be.

Appreciation of what I am endowed with, of how exciting life is. We take so much for granted, don't we? As children we grew up in wonderment ~ taking joy in little things such as bubbles, a dragon fly or shapes we 'saw' in clouds. In recent years, I have started reliving these smaller joys. The sound and sight of birds is one thing that immediately connects me to nature. Birds are a symbol of freedom to me, of adventure. I love the greens, the great outdoors, long walks on a beach and the hills. My recent ability to live my life more mindfully has facilitated this ability to live life in the moment, savour small joys of life. After all, they make for a grand life!

Gratitude ~ Aha! the magic mantra of these times. Admittedly, I was introduced to it after reading The Secret. However, I have moved on from this process of expressing gratitude as in the 'Ask, Believe, Receive', formula. It now means being genuinely thankful for just about everything~ my challenges that made me more resourceful and resilient. The thorny people who made me adapt and still ended up helping me in some way. For all my ailments which are considered crippling..I'd have never grown as a person without them. For all the goodies in my life~ from small things to my occasional indulgences. The ability to enjoy them. For the capacity to be of help. For all the fabulous people who surround me~ family, friends and Mentors who have helped shape my path. Actually, when one comes to think about it, there's so much to be grateful about, mind you, without any motive behind doing so.

God, Oh God, I ask You, aren't all these your gifts?

This incredibly complex and beautiful Universe that scientists are still trying to fathom.. I am such a tiny particle in the vastness of things. My mind stops its meandering as I settle deeper into my sub-conscious.

You are the Universe, God..the Universe is in You. You are its Creator.

A few moments later a new insight takes birth. God, You are seated in my Soul, which means the Universe is also in consciousness has the capability to span the entire Universe.

By Your Grace, God.

In Gratitude.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

When Will That Promising Sunrise Be?

When mediocrity is replaced by excellence galore

When 'will do' makes way for that one yard more

Where creativity is not bridled by fear of failure
Where innovation is unafraid of ridicule

When social interest precedes personal gains
When we reach out to reduce each others' pains

Where integrity sets the benchmarks of quality
Where each one can vie, flourish in equality

Where every child and woman is safe, is free
Where every woman expresses herself freely

When will my country that morning see?
When will that promising sunrise be?

Are you inspired to convert those 'wheres' into here?
Don't you sense that transformation is near?

Let's change the 'whens' into nows
Let's make it happen India! Let's make India 'Wow'.

Friday, 31 July 2015

The Value of Mentors

Change is a fundamental principle of life and so is learning.

From the wisest of Mentors I have been learning what to learn and how to learn.
And of course, implement the learning effectively!

Over the last decade,
one of my earlier Gurus was, Jigish Bhatt​. Beyond our professional relationship, he remains one of my most trusted friends. Always there when needed, always there to offer solutions where none is in sight, last to seek credit. A gem of a person. After having been a book worm until my early twenties, Jigish reintroduced me to the habit of reading after a long hiatus. What a wise and valuable gift that was!

Dale Carnegie, The Secret and such books were part of that period. The timing was just right for me to take inspiration from these fine books and for sure, they had a profound impact on me at a time when when I my personal progress had stalled.
I assumed these books encompassed all the knowledge that the other books from the 'Self Help' genre had.

Then, The Bhagavad Gita came my way and transformed my life. I have now read it five times. As I read glimpses from it everyday, a new revelation inspires me each time. I thought this was the the epitome of knowledge and wisdom.

The Gita seemed to say to me,
'Life is your greatest teacher. Through it you'll learn from people, books and circumstances~ both joyful and tragic, walk on, taking all that comes in your stride, with equanimity.'
Thus my journey continues..I keep reading, yes, I have had to deal with cataclysmic events as well as cherish moments that brought great joy. Each is a teacher in its own way.

And on this explorative journey, I met some people who helped shape my life.

"You are born for writing. You have the ability to change people's lives" said
Puneet Bhatnagar when I was a green behind the ears Blogger. An Innovation Coach, man on a mission, Puneet  has vast experience in the Advertising industry where he was involved in highly acclaimed campaigns. He has the knack of instantly sizing up a person's strong area and then developing it. 
By setting up BipolarIndia, he set me free. He actively mentors me in my Book project as well as other initiatives.

DrAmit Nagpal, is a vibrant, kind and highly evolved Business Storyteller and Keynote speaker. He made me believe I could be a fine storyteller and also a personal branding coach, a career which was not on my radar at all. With great dexterity of a masterly coach, he has developed flair in my writing. A person of ready wit and radiant positive energy, it easily rubs off on me! Having a thought leader like him as a mentor in my Personal Branding and Storytelling career is a blessing.

Amitji's largesse did not stop there..he introduced me to someone whose generosity is difficult to put into words. Thousands of kilometres separate India and the US, our cultures differ vastly, however how well she has understood me, is testimony to her coaching abilities.

Jennifer Sertl, Business Strategist, Keynote speaker and Global Social Media Influencer, has been a huge influence on my journey over the last year or so. Since she supports the mental health awareness cause, she relished coaching me on my pioneering and challenging path~ that of a Bipolar who sought to reach out to his community through his website and Book.

She pours in all her energy, insights and wisdom to light up my path~ my word, it caught fire! Jennifer, Soul Sis, your selfless, wholehearted commitment is worth its weight in gold.
The impact you have had on my journey cannot be described.

All I can say is that 'A Bipolar's Journey~ From Torment to Fulfillment' has your soul involved in it. Our community as a whole owes so much to you!

Deepest Gratitude to all my Gurus, also to those I have not named.

Let's Walk Together..Onward, with purpose and zest!

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